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cgoddard24 [at] gmail [dot] com


I am available for freelance photography, writing, fine digital printing, photoshop tutorial and photo editing work in the southern New England area.

Photos published on Hope State may also be available in print for exhibition or purchase.  I print my own work using top quality archival inks and fine art papers.

All photographic material on Hope State Style, unless expressly stated otherwise, is the work of Caroline Goddard, all rights reserved.  You may use my work on your own blog provided that it is not for commercial gain and a clear link back to this site accompanies the image.  For any other kind of use, please contact me first.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi there! I just read your article about the gold bangles and I’m hoping you can help me with the proper way to put my bangles on… I practically rip my thumb off each time! I have two that I bought from a Guyanese woman this past week! Thank you!
    Rachel Manera

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for leaving a comment. When BJ made gave me my bangle, he told me to press my thumb and pinky together, which helps to tuck the thumb joint in. Then, when slipping the bangle over the hand, if it is a bangle with a break in it (as opposed to a solid hoop), put the break over your palm, not the back or side of your hand, and gently worm over that widest part of your hand. If it’s really killing you though, it may also be putting strain on the bracelet- metal will eventually snap if it is stressed repeatedly in the same place, so I would suggest taking it to a custom jeweler to speak about having it resized. Hope that helps!

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