HOPE STATE SUPPLY is a curated line of tiny luxuries and meditative art for simple living, inspired by the people, places and spaces I have encountered in my 7 years of writing this blog. All items are handmade by me in Portland, ME and Newport, RI. Visit my Etsy store to browse the latest items. Wholesale inquiries, please email hopestatestyle [at] gmail [dot] com.

The Monkey’s Fist Keychain

Traditionally tied at the end of a rope to make it easier to throw, the Monkey’s Fist knot has assisted mariners coming ashore for centuries. When coupled with a handsome brass keyring, it makes a fitting little reminder of the joy of arriving at home. This polished update on an old classic is handmade in genuine leather, solid brushed brass, and a hidden glass bead that gives the keychain a pleasing and balanced weight. Each piece has a luxurious hand and an elegant appeal, making it equally at home on city streets and coastal wharves.




Birch Bark Collage Series

I produce these collages with windfall birch bark that I gather during contemplative walks in the woods of New Hampshire. I soak each piece of bark and then painstakingly peel the layers apart to reveal a surprising variety of color, texture and pattern before translating them into two-dimensional abstractions. I’m interested in confronting the power of motifs that convey a strong sense of place, particularly those that have become overly used and almost stereotypical reductions of the places they represent. By reducing, in turn, the form and context of birch bark into increasingly dissociated compositions, I hope to highlight the bark for what it ultimately is: a captivating material, while observing how far it can be distanced from its identity before it no longer evokes place-based associations of the concept of North.

Dimensions: 8” x 10” (11” x 14” framed)

Medium: Birch bark on archival paper

Caroline Goddard | Hope State Style | Nature Studies | The Flume Gorge | Franconia, NH



Nature Abstractions: Archival Digital Prints

Photographic studies of nature focus on light, color, texture, and the feeling of being North. I print my own work using the highest quality archival inks and papers. Custom prints may be available as large as 44″ x 55″.

Dimensions vary, please inquire.


Tiny Birch House Collage Series

One part stationery, one part work of art, each 5×7 notecard is handmade from ethically collected New Hampshire birch bark, and is completely unique. Layers of bark are carefully peeled apart to reveal a surprising range of colors, which are then playfully juxtaposed in a row of tiny, house-like slivers reminiscent of neighborhoods visited, from Paros to Reykjavik, Newport to San Juan. Includes an envelope and clear plastic sleeve for each card.