Watershed I + II

Watershed at Beavertail.

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Watershed II

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Springlings have sprungen in the coves of Beavertail State Park- the cliffs were alive with rivulets journeying seaward after all the rain of a few days ago.

Movie Night: L’Arnacoeur

Even though I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count, it seems a fitting one to suggest today. ¬†It is hands-down my favorite wedding movie, which is relevant because… in addition to assisting as a wedding photographer on weekends, it makes me very happy to announce that I will be working for Southern New England Weddings magazine and their parent company, Lighthouse Publications, as editor of their blog, Chatty Brides. ¬†Lighthouse Publications produces numerous impressive magazines, including Southern New England Home and SNE Living, and has assembled a terrific team over the years. ¬†I am extremely honored to get to work with, and learn from, all of them.

And, I’m beyond excited to have finally found a job that requires me to be creative every day, and work to bring beauty, great ideas and regional businesses to the attention of others. ¬†Thank you, dear readers, for all the encouragement you have provided (even if it was merely one click more to add to my website hits) over the years. ¬†I never would have guessed, when I started blogging in 2010, that my commitment to Hope State would one day lead me towards a career. ¬†It would not have even occurred to me to pursue blogging professionally were it not for your continual kind words and support, whether I was photographing moss while snowshoeing, or opining on fashion and my ever changing personal style. ¬†In writing for you I have discovered my ‘editorial’ voice and my passion for being a tastemaker, but I am also reminded to unplug from the heady world of design and consumerism to look curiously at plant life on a forest floor now and again.


Anyway, The Heartbreaker is a really cute (and surprisingly humorous) French film starring Vanessa Paradis (musician, former model and Chanel muse, also Johnny Depp’s ex-wife) and Romain Duris (L’Auberge Espagnole), available on Netflix instant. ¬†Here’s a funny scene below.

Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!



Movie Night: War of the Arrows

Tonight, I think I’m going to snuggle in and watch the 2011 South Korean epic War of the Arrows. ¬†Honestly, each frame of this film is so exquisitely composed that I could watch it with neither sound nor subtitles and still be entertained. ¬†The color palette of the landscapes is particularly beautiful, and the textures and tones of the costumes nearly had me dyeing everything I own indigo blue.