Family Sail on an Old Friend: The Classic Alden Yawl “Hope San”









Photos from a sail on Narragansett Bay aboard the classic Alden yawl “Hope San” for my dad’s birthday. It may have taken us several decades, but we finally figured out what to give him each year. Hope San was actually once my grandparents’ boat (one of the two Hopes that inspired this blog title, the other being my maternal grandmother), and has since been lovingly restored by IYRS grad Patrick Abrecht and his wife Monika. It made me smile to see my dad reconnecting with a boat on which he spent so much time with his parents (see cutely boyish pensive shots on the bow). Hope San can now be chartered in and around Newport RI for up to six guests. You can find out more at

All images were shot with Portra 160 35mm film on a Pentax K-1000. Thank you to my family for being my models and guinea pigs, I wasn’t sure how I would like Portra in intense sunlight, but it turns out the blue-green tones suited my needs in this aqueous environ just fine.  And thanks mom for the shot of me, it’s nice to have my presence in situations confirmed every now and again. (that’s me decked in a double denim jorts + chambray top combo. My earrings are from my new jewelry obsession, Rackk + Ruin in Burlington, VT.)

5 thoughts on “Family Sail on an Old Friend: The Classic Alden Yawl “Hope San”

  1. These are wonderful shots–and what a great boat. The one of you is lovely, as well. What a gift to spend that time and for your dad to continue to enjoy this family boat! I love water and sailing–but, sadly, do not own any boats (I live between mountain and sea). Do you have any full sized shots of it to post? :)?

  2. Lovely post. It affirms the constant change in our lives, how we age, grow out of and back into a world of memories. It looks like a lovely boat and I am happy that someone has been able to keep it fitted out and bringing joy to others.

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