A Midwinter White Party at the Newport Art Museum

Last night’s sold-out A Midwinter White Party at the Newport Art Museum was a total blast! I can’t think of a more fitting way for my family to celebrate my mom’s retirement from the organization than by rolling up together, dressed in white (I wore my great great grandmother’s cotton petticoat, i.e. her undergarments) to take in this snowy spectacular of Herculean proportions. I am now picturing Hercules in a white snow onesie riding a moose and fighting polar bears.

A Midwinter White Party at the Newport Art Museum | Hope State Style | Photo by Matthew CohenThe historic Griswold House was filled with mingling young glamazons, kooky artists, museum art teachers and local business owners, many of whom provided a generous amount of food, décor and prizes to keep the party going. Several Star Wars-like wooly monsters were also in attendance, and luckily for the museum, King Arthur made a special appearance in a white tunic and 40 pounds of chain mail to guard the artwork. The festivities were seamlessly carried off by the talented staff, volunteers and committee members involved, and the whole evening was bolstered by the irresistible call of DJ Reginald Charles’ beats.

A Midwinter White Part at the Newport Art Museum | Hope State Style

Thank you, Newport Art Museum, it has been a joy to use “visiting my mom at the office” as an excuse to stare at beautiful things these last 7 years. And, I will never forget the smile on my dad’s face as he watched break dancers, roller skaters and mardi gras-esque nymphs perform to a remix of “Uptown Funk”  under a sprinkling of LED snowflakes for as long as I live. Ah, young people!


Photo shout out for the polaroid at top goes to Matthew Cohen Photography – Thanks, Matt!

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