I’ve been in the fields



I know I’ve been neglecting Hope State all summer.  It’s been a whirlwind five months since I began not one, but three jobs, and since most of my work time is spent in front of the computer, or behind a camera, in my free time I take to the hills.  Perhaps that’s how summer should be, anyway: full of life and ceaseless energy.  Early morning swims and late nights with friends, and busy bee work in between.   There’s plenty of time for contemplation once winter descends.

I took these photographs on the day of my grandmother’s memorial service.  I decided to do the flowers myself, and entirely from garden and meadow flowers given her strong opinions about store-bought stems.  The final touch to the arrangements were a few sprigs of something wild from an early morning hike in the Norman Bird Sanctuary, a place that she loved until the day she died.  I couldn’t really capture the vastness of this field of blooming Queen Anne’s Lace, but I was ok with feeling a little defeated by nature.  It seemed fitting, too, that on what would have been her 98th birthday, and sandwiched between two weeks of the most beautiful weather of the summer, the island was blanketed in a steady and peaceful rain.