a weekend birthday party

I spent all of Saturday baking a cake (with the much needed help of one J. Squizzero.  You have a quarter cake waiting for you in my fridge, FYI), and all of Sunday eating it, recovering from it, and now blogging about it.  It was my dad’s birthday on Thursday and so we celebrated with a lunch party beneath a very aged beech tree.






My dad is always so difficult/fun to find a present for because he claims that he doesn’t need or want anything, and I like that challenge (I’ll spare you my manifesto on gift giving FOR NOW, but suffice to say, I hate giving people things to go through the motion of it.  If you ever get a present from me, rest assured that A LOT of thought went into it, and if you don’t get a gift from me, it’s because I haven’t yet found something perfectly you+me).  For my dad, I always try to do something that will be both meaningful and useful (which often means edible), and since he likes Caprese salads so much, I bought a nice bottle of olive oil and picked up 5 different varieties of basil (sweet basil, lemon basil, Thai basil, African blue basil, and the lovely, purple osmin basil.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find cinnamon basil or box leaf basil) from the farmer’s market.  They decorated the table while we ate, and were popped in the garden after lunch, shortly before my nap.

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