The Taming of the Crop Top


My badass teenage cousin Ivy has been rocking crop tops and jorts a lot.  It’s like a happy burst of 1983 every time she comes up on my news feed.  Since I am nowhere near that cool, but want to be, I paired a stripey, boatneck tee from ASOS with a vintage linen skirt and espadrilles.  Because the skirt is of the pre stretch-fabric era and therefore a bit roomy (and looked so dowdy with everything else I tried to wear it with that I couldn’t figure out why I paid 10 bucks for it), it tames the top, and only bares about an inch of midriff.  Balance achieved!  Now the question is, how many crop tops can one have in one’s closet before a line must be drawn?  I bought a bunch to try from ASOS with every intention of returning them…

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