Apartment Tour: in my kitchen

I found this mid-century sideboard in my family’s storage unit and immediately grabbed it!  It makes for easy stowage of my Dansk enamel cookware, antique stoneware mixing bowls and cast iron pans, all of which get near daily use and need to be accessible.  I try to keep the top clear, but it invariably becomes a work/storage/serving surface as needed.  Right now it’s home to my mom’s old 3-band Panasonic radio, which she used in her days as a rock and roll DJ to monitor her broadcast, and still works like a charm!  It stays tuned to the classical station while I write.  On days when I’m working late, I reach that point in the night when the station goes off air and the music is suddenly replaced with a soft crackle, and I know that the world has gone to bed and it’s time for me to go, too.



The candlesticks came from Salvation Army, but I believe you can get them at Michael’s; I painted them to match the windsor chair at my kitchen table, which I fished out of a dumpster in Providence.  I get the natural beeswax candles from my friends on Block Island at Littlefield Bee Farm, and they smell so lovely that I’ll never go back to paraffin again.  One of them had a little accident (I knocked it over), but I was able to melt it back together and give it a little bit of drippy, messy charm.  That’s how precious they are!


On the walls, I hang ornaments and momentos of friends and travel, a tradition that my friend Monique inspired, and Greek Orthodox icons to remind me of my time on Paros and the island’s incredible spirituality.

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