Movie Night: L’Arnacoeur

Even though I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count, it seems a fitting one to suggest today.  It is hands-down my favorite wedding movie, which is relevant because… in addition to assisting as a wedding photographer on weekends, it makes me very happy to announce that I will be working for Southern New England Weddings magazine and their parent company, Lighthouse Publications, as editor of their blog, Chatty Brides.  Lighthouse Publications produces numerous impressive magazines, including Southern New England Home and SNE Living, and has assembled a terrific team over the years.  I am extremely honored to get to work with, and learn from, all of them.

And, I’m beyond excited to have finally found a job that requires me to be creative every day, and work to bring beauty, great ideas and regional businesses to the attention of others.  Thank you, dear readers, for all the encouragement you have provided (even if it was merely one click more to add to my website hits) over the years.  I never would have guessed, when I started blogging in 2010, that my commitment to Hope State would one day lead me towards a career.  It would not have even occurred to me to pursue blogging professionally were it not for your continual kind words and support, whether I was photographing moss while snowshoeing, or opining on fashion and my ever changing personal style.  In writing for you I have discovered my ‘editorial’ voice and my passion for being a tastemaker, but I am also reminded to unplug from the heady world of design and consumerism to look curiously at plant life on a forest floor now and again.


Anyway, The Heartbreaker is a really cute (and surprisingly humorous) French film starring Vanessa Paradis (musician, former model and Chanel muse, also Johnny Depp’s ex-wife) and Romain Duris (L’Auberge Espagnole), available on Netflix instant.  Here’s a funny scene below.

Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!



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