Get Dressed / The Jacket | Hope State Style | Photography by Caroline Goddard

Get Dressed / The Jacket

Most days, I am proud to be a broad-shouldered lass.  They make me feel elegant and strong, no artificial padding required.  But add a blazer or fitted jacket to the mix and simple tasks such as hugging a friend without busting a seam, or maintaining adequate blood flow to the arms while driving, are thwarted.  Well, NO LONGER.  I found a work-appropriate jacket that fits me like a glove and is made of super-soft, gloriously stretchy sweatshirt material.  SWEATSHIRT MATERIAL!  In salt-and-pepper tweed!



It will get ample use while the mornings and evenings on the water remain so brisk, and passes my napability test (that is, if I can’t nap in it I probably won’t want to wear it) with flying colors.  It was a one-off find at a Barney’s outlet, but here are some similar styles:

J.crew bouclé jacket in indigo colorblock or black and ivory colorblock, LOFT cotton terry asymmetrical zip jacket, Drew lurex bouclé jacket, Helmut Lang motor terry jacket, Pencey Standard warrior blazer

In this story: Jacket, Barney’s New York.  Skirt, Madewell. Ring, Jet Black Paros.

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