Friday Flowers


My dears, I’ve neglected you all week, I know. ¬†Right now I am pouring my heart and soul into my new jobs, but I promise to make it up to you with a WHOLE WEEKEND of flowers. ¬†I’m assisting a wedding today and tomorrow, and then will celebrate Trinity Sunday and Brent’s last official ‘choir season sing,’ after which a good holiday nap will be in order.

My cousin Charlotte is an incredible photographer and the fantastic individual who inadvertently inspired this weekly column. ¬†She is also a proud Kentucky native, so Miss Charlotte, this one’s for you. ¬†On this rainy Friday, what could be better than a solitary scarlet Peony, saved from a damp garden end, in a bourbon bottle?

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Design Love / Saami Bracelets

I’ve been meaning to show you my new bracelet for a while, which came from my favorite store in Providence, Simple Pleasures. ¬†The Saami are a peoples indigenous to northern Scandanavia and Russia, who hand stitch these bracelets, sometimes called ‘Lapland Bracelets,’ from reindeer leather, pewter filigree and antler.


I have a little tradition of buying a new bracelet when something momentous happens in my life.  I purchased this one the day I got the job with SNEW.  In her shop, housed in an old forge on the Pawtuxet river, Mary Moore sells Saami bracelets in a variety of colors and designs.  Simple Pleasures is well worth a venture to the outskirts of the East Side!

The top photo was taken on a page of¬†Lars Bolander’s Scandinavian Design, an excellent style resource for those with a restrained, but not necessarily modern, aesthetic. ¬†These heavy timber huts with green roofs are storage buildings, part of a compound on a Norwegian farm.

The bottom photo is taken on a page from Uta Barth’s The Long Now.