Three Cheers for the RI Senate


I am so proud of my state.  Yesterday, the RI Senate voted 26-12 to approve same-sex marriage.  The bill will go before the House next week in what is believed to be a likely win.  Rhode Island would become the 1oth state to legalize gay marriage.

This video, especially the speech given by Bill S38’s sponsor, Senator Nesselbush (D. Pawtucket, North Providence), brought tears to my eyes.

I’m also very happy that I unknowingly decorated my kitchen in support of marriage equality two years ago!  These are two old chair backs that my friend was going to toss.

UPDATE: Yesterday, the House passed the bill and Governor Chafee added his affirmation in a ceremonious signing, officially making same-sex marriage legal in the state of RI!  The bill should go into effect by August.

3 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the RI Senate

  1. We cheered also…but I cannot download the Video….(no place to ‘click’ – at least not that I can find)

    Any suggestions..?


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