Wellesley Cheer



This past weekend, I went up to Boston and spent the night with a friend at Wellesley College, and it brought back all the good things I remember about going to an all girls boarding school.  (Yes, there are good things!!)  In the air, the determination of women so completely focused on education mingles with a caring community and some serious school spirit.  It’s contagious, and probably best exemplified by the Marathon Day tradition of lining the road in front of the school (which marks the race’s halfway point) in what runners fondly refer to as the Wellesley Scream Tunnel.

I came back to Newport full of ideas for this week’s blog posts, and had already written, photographed and scheduled several when I received news of Monday’s events.  I’ve delayed posting them by a few days, and hope that they will inspire and cheer you a little closer to the weekend.  Today, I want to share my photos of  these two incredible Wellesley students.  In addition to being stylish (which is why I had originally photographed them), Lisa and Cicia are brilliant, funny and kind, and these photos make me smile.



I’ve also been listening to this song a lot.  It’s beautiful and true.

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