Even Caroline Can Handle These Shoes

It’s happened, friends.  I found a pair of shoes WITH A HEEL that I actually enjoy wearing.  Yes, slowly I am growing up, although I have been pairing them with socks a lot (baby steps).  These guys, part of Clarks’ Artisan collection, met with my most stringent list of expectations:

1) Shoe may have some heel, but must not make me a Gargantaur.

(success of the above subject to discussion once you’ve stood next to me, but anyway, these heels are about 2 inches)

2) I would like to be able to run away from predatory people in them should the occasion call for it.

(check.  I ran to Easter’s choir call thinking i was late and did not break anything)

3) In keeping with my current style sensibilities, the shoe shall be more sporty than girly, more modern than classic.

(I love perforated leather!  It makes me feel like a basketball star.  I have a pair of Camper shoes in be-holed ivory leather, too, and once I made gladiator sandals for a college art class from reclaimed white sneaker fabric) 

4) The shoe must not make my feet want to die.

(They don’t LOOK orthopedic, but they FEEL like it.  Sneaky Clarks!  The footbed is padded and the leather is supple and soft)

The best part, other than the fact that I feel fierce and put-together when I wear them?  I found them on the island for under $100!

7 thoughts on “Even Caroline Can Handle These Shoes

      1. I went to Voutakos today and lay on the sand and read ‘The Odyssey’. Then I went for a swim. Very chilly. One must begin somewhere!

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