Chasing Winter



_MG_0117Even though I’m looking forward to the warm days ahead, I had to follow the snow up to New Hampshire to get one last fill of winter.  A hike up some old logging trails behind the house gave rise to lots of photos, and some quiet time to think.  The muted sounds and colors made the woods feel unending, and me completely isolated, yet I was reassured by the peaceful closeness of the trees, too.  Up in those trails, I was reminded of the last scene in House of Flying Daggers when the battlefield is suddenly covered by snow.  The two foes seem completely alone in the world, like demi-gods locked together for eternity.  For me, winter is a time to be meditative, to seek solitude and look closely for the subtleties that nature reveals, and then return to a warm fire, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, and I will miss its tranquil rhythm as the town comes alive with the many distractions of summer.

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