Christmas Tidings of Greece

Here’s a little video of the Aegean Center Vocal Ensemble’s lighthearted closing to our concert earlier this December in Paroik├«a. ┬áIt was a beautiful program of transcendent spiritual pieces which resounded beneath the stucco vaults of the church. ┬áThe inimitable Terrance Mortimer sings the solo role of the King Wenceslas, and my good friend Nicola Pasterfield is the Paige, and that’s me singing the descant, arranged by our Maestro, Orfeas John Munsey, in the last verse. ┬áA wonderful job done by all in the ensemble. ┬áOnce again, a privilege and a profound joy to be a part of.

The Wonderful Strangeness of Home




Reunited at last with my beloved desk, which was my great aunt’s jewelry workbench, and my ‘bulletin board,’ a cool old botanical print that I tie and stick stuff I like to. ┬áVery glad I brought this patterned masking tape back from Greece. ┬áHaven’t felt much like Christmas decorating, but I did change my cactus’ candle to a red one. ┬áNow to get working…

A photo shoot entirely inspired by a cactus with a hat



emily diptych


Thank you to my wonderful model, Emily Eberhart, who was also co-stylist and wears mostly her own clothes, and to the florist on crash corner in Paroik├«a for lending me their awesome cactus planter, and to Irini at Paroik├«a’s second hand shop for the teacups.