Favorite Bookshop

Obviously, I’ve got reading on my mind.  Perhaps this is due to the fall weather that descended upon the island overnight, just as Lambis the Butcher had warned me it would.  On Friday, I hiked to the beach under an unforgiving sun, sympathized with the positively crisped, brown shrubs around me and threw myself straight into the sea when I reached Krios.  The next two days poured rain, giving the island its first real drink in months, and today I am in a wool sweater and socks.  Anyway, the idea of curling up with a cup of tea and a good book, or perusing a romantic little used bookshop, sounds pretty good right now.  This one was tucked away in the Tuscan village of Lucca.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Bookshop

    1. Hi J,
      These photos were taken using a Pentax K-1000 and Kodak Color Plus film. Generally, I use a variety of color 35mm films, although Portra 160 is my favorite! For digitals, I use my Canon 5D Mark II and a 24-70mm L series lens. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers,

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