Lucca, Italy. September 2012

My color negatives have finally returned to me from Athens!  Six rolls from my time in Italy.  I barely picked up my 5D while I was there, mostly because it was far too heavy to carry around for full days of museum going.  I bought a Pentax k1000 off ebay and have been thoroughly enjoying the experience of shooting film once more on a light, unobtrusive little camera.  Since the colors in Italy were far too exciting to ignore, I mostly shot color film trying a variety of different kinds.  Unfortunately, we can’t process color in our darkroom, so I sent them out to be developed and then will work on them and print digitally.  Sweet Grain!  Much more to come.

2 thoughts on “Lucca, Italy. September 2012

  1. Hi Luisa,
    I agree! Lucca was an incredible town to visit for the day from my school in Candeglia. I took lots of pictures (all 35mm) and am slowly working through them, will post more soon. Even the trash piles were beautiful to me! Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

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