Girls Off Island!

There will be a brief hiatus in blog updates this week because I will be traveling to the port town of Nafplio on the Peloponnese for my fall break with friends. ¬†I’m very excited to be going back there as it is a place that holds many fond memories for me. ¬† More on that later but in the meantime, enjoy these sweet Roman ladies having some good old fashioned girl time!

Favorite Bookshop

Obviously, I’ve got reading on my mind. ¬†Perhaps this is due to the fall weather that descended upon the island overnight, just as Lambis the Butcher had warned me it would. ¬†On Friday, I hiked to the beach under an unforgiving sun, sympathized with the positively crisped, brown shrubs around me and threw myself straight into the sea when I reached Krios. ¬†The next two days poured rain, giving the island its first real drink in months, and today I am in a wool sweater and socks. ¬†Anyway, the idea of curling up with a cup of tea and a good book, or perusing a romantic little used bookshop, sounds pretty good right now. ¬†This one was tucked away in the Tuscan village of Lucca.