My Wonder Years…

Last winter I was asked to participate in a film campaign for the Gordon School in East Providence, RI, where I was a student from nursery until 8th grade.  I had a lot of fun working with Associate Development Director and friend Siobhan Welsh and film makers Michael and David Udris on this and was so honored to be included in the project.  Click here for an interested letter on the state of education today from the Head of School, Ralph Wales, who I truly believe is leading the way to a new approach to children’s education right in little Rhode Island!  As a kid, I was curious and full of questions which were often completely off topic from my lessons, but my teachers met me with unending patience and encouraged me to go after all my wondering whether it was in class or not.  I feel lucky to have attended a school that is now looked to as a model for small, diverse, child-centered primary schools the world over.  As I resume my eduction this fall at The Aegean Center for Fine Arts, I am reminded that, because of my early experiences, education and community will always be inextricably linked.  To me, an academic environment should value its individual members as pieces to a larger body of minds that is, in a sense, sacred.  When a community is cherished and nurtured, I think teachers and peers inspire one another to grow, and provide the support needed to do so.

Three cheers to Siobhan for her hard work on this beautiful series of videos!  I’ll resume posting photos from my trip out west, but right now, siesta is over and the streets of Athens are calling to me!

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