My digital photography class visited Maria, a 76 year old weaver, at her workshop in Lefkes last weekend.  She has been supporting herself by making linens since the age of 13, when she was given her first loom by her mother.  She is a regular photo subject for Aegean Center students, and you could tell that she was having a lot of fun being the center of attention, doing little demos of every step of the weaving process, and having conversations with us translated by one of my classmates.  As she set her red warp threads along the wall in preparation for the loom (a slow process in which she walks back and forth pulling thread from the bobbins on the wall and hooking them onto nails in some sort of pattern that I could not comprehend), she remarked that it might be her last warp, because she is tired.  Her daughter served us bread and delicious homemade hummus, which had some kind of fish roe in it, and fresh olives.  Maria also opened her little treasure chest for us, an old suitcase full of the delicate purses, hand towels, table cloths and scarves that she sells, and I was astonished by how little they cost.  I’m very happy with my new striped bag, which I take with me to the bakery to carry my bread home in lieu of plastic.

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