Daily Bread

Fact: Greek bakeries are filled with sweet treats beyond my wildest dreams.  I don’t actually eat these every day, but I do buy my bread in the mornings at this shop in Paroíkia, while attempting to say a new and mildly conversant phrase in Greek to the women at the counter, although I frequently fall back on kalimera, tikaneis? which means ‘”good morning, how are you?”

One thought on “Daily Bread

  1. I can smell the sticky sweetness of the honey and nuts pictured at the left; so many of my own memories of our trip to Greece for Dorothea and Benji’s wedding revolve around the smells of Greece. Of course, it was mid July and very hot, but the pine needles underfoot, the yogurt and morning coffee, the damp earth after that first “welcome here” thunderstorm, the mustiness of the hotel castle…all these I can experience here, far away from Greece, in Rhode Island. I send you love and the scents and sights of early spring in your native island…damp fog cloaks the tip of Aquidneck and Jamestown islands; birds are bursting with thrilling song; a pair of wrens have “wrented” the christmas wreath still hanging at the back door and have crafted a charming nest; the star magnolia at the museum has begun spreading its white petals for all the world like a ballerina on point…
    I miss you and dream of all the wonders you are experiencing. xoxo Mom

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