This morning, I woke up in Greece

Hope State Style has, for the time being, relocated to the island of Paros, where I will be studying photography, voice, writing and various and sundry other art mediums until June.  Check in often for updates on my work and travels!  Here are a few shots from a midday walk about Paroikía, the port city where I live.



8 thoughts on “This morning, I woke up in Greece

    1. When you wake up tomorrow morning to the blues and whites, the intensity of the land and sea, you will be experiencing life’s essence! Love to you!

  1. How I envy you! Paros looks just the perfect place for doing what you intend to do.
    I myself spent some time in Sifnos years ago and it was perfect.
    Looking forward to more photos from there.

  2. Glad you made it. And a day early none the less! Cheers and enjoy the beautiful sun. So you have some perspective on your new home, it will be 16 degrees here tomorrow.

  3. soooo enjoying your blog! Peter and i want to go to Greece soon so we’re so happy you’re there. Stay safe and do enjoy!

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