Light Lecture

My photography teacher Liz demonstrates metering principles and techniques in the street outside the darkroom.  I am very fascinated by her hands, especially when she is holding her camera.  Potential subject matter?

I am also very excited because, even though I am technically not taking silver darkroom photography, she is going to let me use one of the school’s 120mm cameras to take a role, and then learn how to process it in the darkroom. ¬†I think it will be a nice change of pace after 4 years of working in the ‘digital darkroom,’ and hopefully having such a finite (and expensive) capture medium as 120 film will really help me to be discerning and do some careful looking while I photograph.

Daily Bread

Fact: Greek bakeries are filled with sweet treats beyond my wildest dreams. ¬†I don’t actually eat these every day, but I do buy my bread in the mornings at this shop in Paro√≠kia, while attempting to say a new and mildly conversant phrase in Greek to the women at the counter, although I frequently fall back on kalimera, tikaneis?¬†which means ‘”good morning, how are you?”

The Hike to the Cypress that Touches the Rock

That’s what John, our director, calls the hike that we took today because of the surreal scene that we come to at the end of the route. ¬†I love the patterns of the terraced hillsides here. ¬†A centuries old network of walls designed to keep topsoil from washing off the slopes which heightens the dimensionality of the terrain, guiding the eye across its contours like a topographical map.