My friend Sarah is an artist and wood worker in her second year at IYRS (the International Yacht Restoration School) who possesses an exacting eye and a wonderfully lighthearted design sensibility.  I don’t know how else to describe her work: everything she makes is just so HAPPY, but with enough subtlety that it doesn’t become too cute.   Her craftsmanship, perfectionism and attention to detail imbues each piece she makes with a quiet elegance, something that has made her work stand out since our days in the art department at Brown.

I’m always inspired by people who learn through an immersive experience, perhaps because this is how I most enjoy learning as well.  Sarah literally lives and breaths the life of a woodworker, and you can tell how much she is getting out of the program because of it.  She even served me grilled salmon the other night which was flavored by cedar scraps rescued from the shop!  Here are some photos from a little shoot we did this weekend, which includes the chair she made for her summer project and drawings of the shelves that she designed and built for a coffee shop in DC.  I am dying to have her make one for my apartment some day- they remind me of the Life Aquatic, I think because of the bubbly corners.  I am also obsessed with her tools, some of which she made (like the backing out plane with an inlaid heart and the brass bevel gauge) in her first few months at school.

To inquire about custom furniture work, email Sarah at

3 thoughts on “Sarah

  1. Loved the chair, delicate and practical. And the tools with a personal touch! Really enjoyed our visit to the IYRS last year and to feeling the atmosphere of industry combined with fun and the challenge!

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