Touching 1799

Photographs from my afternoon at the Coggeshall Farm Museum. This was a completely different kind of museum experience for me, as Coggeshall is anything but the vitrine-full-of-fragile-objects type, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a working re-creation of a New England tenant farm at the turn of the 19th century, and the devoted staff and team of interpreters want (and expect) you to get your hands dirty when you visit!

1. Kitchen linens dry/ 2. A spinning wheel/ 3. Kitchen company/ 4. Nothing decorative on this mantle/ 5. Farmboy, fetch me that pitcher (out of my dream pantry, I couldn’t stop looking into this cute little room)/ 6. Insulation? No! That’s salted bacon/ 7. The sparse, utilitarian feel of the house vaguely reminded me of modern Scandinavian interiors/ 8. Making Johnny Cakes/ 9. Hand stitching about the pocket of some wonderful garment


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