Lea Seydoux

Call me a little behind the times, but I finally got to see Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris the other day and I have formed a life crush (this is a self-diagnosed combination of a girl crush, a job crush, and a nationality/place of inhabitation crush) on Lea Seydoux’s character.  Who wouldn’t want to sell vintage records in a rambly little brocante in the streets of Paris while looking so adorable?  I hope we see a lot more of this actress in the future.  She was fantastic in the french film La Belle Personne, which was a rather depressing but illuminating look at the angsty life of teens in France. 

Screenshot from Midnight in Paris, Sony Pictures Classics, 2011

One thought on “Lea Seydoux

  1. When you come see me, I’ll take you visit the Puces de St Ouen, it’s here where scenes with Léa Seydoux that were filmed. It’s a very beautiful place with a lot of brocante and antiques, It’s another world, I think you’ll love it!
    For Léa, I believe she’s in the last Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise (not my style of movie). It’s cool to see someone speaks of a another french girl than Marion Cottilard! :-D

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