Lo, how a rose

A christmas wreath that I purchased from a young, tiverton based floral designer named kim (Green Lion Design) who was working at a RISD event with me. ¬†I love the burlap bow! ¬†And I didn’t want to put any new holes in my wall (this generally gives me anxiety attacks), so I just hooked it over a favorite picture. ¬†In case you are wondering, “Lo How a Rose” is one of my favorite Christmas Hymns. ¬†To hear it and other phenomenal Christmas music, including Charpentier’s Messe de Minuit pour Noel, come to Trinity Church in Newport tonight for the midnight mass. ¬†Carols begin around 10:30 and the service starts at 11. ¬†I hope everyone has a fun and safe Christmas Eve!


I love my friend Adriana’s style. ¬†She always looks so cool without trying, and most of her accessories have a story to be told. ¬†Like her gold necklace that says her name in arabic, which was made for her while traveling in Lebanon. ¬†And those glasses (which sadly plunged into the cold briny deep moments after this was taken) were purchased at a market in Spain. ¬†She travels fearlessly and passionately, and consequently has many tales to share. ¬†Even though the glasses met a tragic end, the experience is now just another one to tell: not many people have walked through downtown Newport on a busy Saturday with a homemade boat hook (broom handle, electrical tape, hanger) in an attempt to rescue a beloved pair of 5 euro spectacles!

Tiny Tidings

Do you ever feel more excited about the way you wrapped a present than for the gift itself? ¬†I get rather into gift presentation. ¬†Here are some tiny ideas for a jingle box (pretty box filled with christmas treasures such as paperwhite bulbs, homemade and antique ornaments, fresh evergreen sprigs, jingle bells, and love), and a handmade card (I shooed some card stock through my grandfather’s old typewriter with some difficulty, then added a bell with a needle and some red thread. ¬†In the spirit of giving experiences rather than things to my loved ones, I’ve bought a lot of gift certificates this year, and I’ve been playing around with ways to make them a bit more festive than your standard envelope number). ¬†Happy wrapping!