Etsy is the Answer

Recently, I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration: I decided that Kimono prints are the new Cats Meow and I had to have some.  Actually, I was very inspired by a book of Japanese interior design, (not sure of the title, it’s all in Japanese, and oh yes!  I also bought that on Etsy) and wanted to try incorporating some of the more modern, geometric prints into my apartment.  Ever on a budget, to Etsy I turned and found two great scraps from this vendor for $13 including shipping, and voila!  I have a new table runner.  This is pretty much the laziest thing I have ever ‘made’ as it only required me to hem the short ends and attach the two pieces together (still haven’t done it in this photo as you can see).  The nice thing about kimono fabric is that it generally seems to be woven in 15 inch panels, so its a perfect width for a runner with finished ‘selvedges’ along the length.  Next up, pillows and christmas presents!

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