Hey, Neighbor!

Look what Katie Brierley is cooking up next door to Farmaesthetics at her couture clothing shop, Isoude.  Occasionally, I have the pleasure of playing dress up for her, and I got to try these exquisitely crafted looks a few months ago.  I love the tweed and leather combination of the center dress, and (in light of the fact that indigo blue is one of my new favorite colors) I drool over the long dress each time I walk into work.  Sigh.  Come by and visit both of us!  142 and 144 Bellevue Ave, Newport RI.

Etsy is the Answer

Recently, I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration: I decided that Kimono prints are the new Cats Meow and I had to have some. ¬†Actually, I was very inspired by a book of Japanese interior design, (not sure of the title, it’s all in Japanese, and oh yes! ¬†I also bought that on Etsy) and wanted to try incorporating some of the more modern, geometric prints into my apartment. ¬†Ever on a budget, to Etsy I turned and found two great scraps from this vendor for $13 including shipping, and voila! ¬†I have a new table runner. ¬†This is pretty much the laziest thing I have ever ‘made’ as it only required me to hem the short ends and attach the two pieces together (still haven’t done it in this photo as you can see). ¬†The nice thing about kimono fabric is that it generally seems to be woven in 15 inch panels, so its a perfect width for a runner with finished ‘selvedges’ along the length. ¬†Next up, pillows and christmas presents!

Can’t Get Enough…

Guilty Pleasure: following street style blogs during fashion week. ¬†You know, I wasn’t blown away by the shows this past month- a little too colorful and crazy for me, but I did thoroughly enjoy the street fashion coverage. ¬†I always like seeing the outfits that supermodel Natalia Vodianova dreams up. ¬†The young mother of three never ceases to make me smile- she flits between looking like a ‘grown up,’ elegant lady and a young 20-something who’s too busy momming to put on heels so fantastically. ¬† Here are a few images (I own none) from the past few years that I’ve dog-eared for inspiration.

Images Sources: (in order) Stockholm Street Style, Sunraince, AltamiraNYC, Vogue.com, Hanneli, Trendy Crew

Makeup ka-POW!

I don’t wear makeup very often, but the next time I do, I want to look like this! ¬†I loved the beauty styling at the S/S 2012 Dolce and Gabbana show this year. ¬†A super fresh, clean face and eyelids, nude/pink lips, and a smoky black cat eye, all softened by an easy, face-framing, ‘swept’ hair look.

Photo Credit: Kevin Tachman for Vogue.com


I’m in love with my new Ikea Kivik Chaise. ¬†In fact I just woke up from a nap on it and am nestled into the pillows typing now. ¬†Its super wide, big enough for two to snuggle, or for me to spread work out around my computer, or watch a movie, or eat my breakfast. ¬†You know, I think I could live my whole life on it! ¬†A friend of mine who is expecting her first child just bought one ¬†to be her baby-cuddling chair. ¬† If I had a dog, I would give him the end to keep my feet warm. ¬†If you like putting your feet up at the end of the day, you just might love this chair too.

Ikea Kivik Chaise with off-white slipcover, $319; Red handwoven Indian cotton pillow, Cadeaux du Monde in Newport, $30; White  cotton pillow with duck feather insert, Ikea, $14; Vintage industrial goose-neck lamp,  Just L in Littleton NH, $20; Blue American Homespun pillow, homemade from scraps of bedspread fabric that belonged to my Great Grandmother; Houseplant in a thrift store crock with driftwood, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Home Depot, about $10; Hanging Rock woodcut, Elizabeth A. Goddard.  Vintage Pan Am in-flight blanket, family heirloom.