Adam and Toria

I recently traveled to upstate New York for my cousin Margaret Victoria’s wedding, which took place on the organic dairy farm that she and her husband own and run.  After three years working in the wedding industry here in Newport, it was incredible to experience a wedding (as a guest, for one) that was so highly personal, family oriented, and beautiful in its simplicity.  They held the ceremony under a large tree in the front yard of their house, while a barn stood by for backup in the event of rain (which seemed imminent, but instead merely provided a dramatic purple backdrop behind the wedding party).   Afterwards, we celebrated in a renovated barn-turned-event-space that had me gazing up at the old post and beam construction all afternoon.  Everyone was comfortably dressed, and many were boot-clad.  We boogied to some good old american country music, (MV and Adam chose Sugarland’s “Fall into Me” as their song) and all around were personal touches that made the wedding so special: paper cranes made by family hung from tree branches and barn rafters, and favorite poems were read during the ceremony by aunts.   The fertile, hilly country around Cooperstown, NY was the most incredible farmland I’ve seen in a long time, full of old red barns and 19th century farmhouses, and everything was vividly green.  Those are real candied African Violets on the cupcakes, and MV’s dad Mark gets my vote for most dapper attire (that’s him with the turquoise Bolo).  Congratulations Adam and Toria!

4 thoughts on “Adam and Toria

  1. Those cupcakes are gorgeous!! They look delicious too. All your photos are amazing, especially the one with the bride and groom embracing from behind. So sweet. And I love the red chickens against the blue truck? tractor? Whatever it is I love it. :)

  2. Thank you Caroline!
    You captured exactly what the wedding was…simple and fun, and very special with all of you there to witness our vows to each other.
    Thank you so much for coming! Love, Toria

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