Wednesday: Local Remedy

Have you heard of Farmaesthetics?  If not, here are three reasons why you should check them out:

1. This relatively new skincare line, which is entirely comprised of natural, organic, US grown ingredients, has garnered numerous awards and recognition from national news sources.  Time magazine placed Farmaesthetics among its list,  “Green Style & Design 100: The People & Ideas Behind Today’s Most Influential Design.”

2.  Everything smells amazing, is beautifully packaged, and will make you feel wonderful and refreshed.

3. It’s practically made in your backyard!  Farmaesthetics was started and continues to be based in Portsmouth, RI.  Check out its flagship store on Bellevue Avenue in Newport, which also offers spa services.

Farmaesthetic Products are used in spas around the world, are carried in most Whole Foods, and have been featured in publications as lofty as Greek Vogue.  The great thing about the store on Bellevue is that you can buy small bottles of each product, like the one above, for $10.  To call it a sample would be misleading- more like a travel size that will last you a good while!  It’s a great way to become familiar with the products.

About the product featured in this cheesy photo vignette, the Rosehip and Clay Mint Mask is the answer to those pesky things we all get (still), so let’s just refer to them as ‘spots’.  Harsh benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid treatments are too much for my skin at this time of year.  This is a way to treat and help prevent breakouts, gently, and with the rejuvenating smell of peppermint.

Farmaesthetics Rosehip and Clay Mint Mask, 4 oz bottle, $25.50.  Trial size, $10. and select Whole Foods

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