Tuesday: Dew Agents

Cold, moisture-less winter air will dry out your skin and give it a dull appearance.  To reclaim hydrated, ‘dewy’ looking skin, these products are my picks.  (NOTE: drinking lots of water is a more-or-less free and highly effective skin boost, too).

REN’s Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel mask gently sloughs off dead cells, decongests pores and smooths out the complexion using natural fruit acids.  This is a chemical free alternative to all those crazy glycolic peels that people go to spas for, and one that even my super sensitive skin will tolerate.  It’s an investment, but one tube will last you all winter with a once a week application, and the result is radiant, supple skin that will seem positively other-worldy amidst cold winter winds and central heating.  I was first introduced to REN when I worked at a store that carried the line, and I have to say, I saw far more results at the same price point from Dr. Hauschka’s daily skin regimen.  But where REN excels is in their special treatment masks, like this one, their serums, and their Moroccan Rose Otto bath oil!  Ah, I miss that employee discount.

Dr. Hauschka has long had me as a devotee, but I hadn’t tried his Quince Day Cream until this winter, when my summer-weight lotion just wasn’t cutting muster and my skin was starting to feel like sandpaper.  This stuff brought me back from the brink!  Quince seed extract’s natural anti-inflammatory properties soothe stressed skin, while also providing moisture and protection.  Dr. H recommends Quince Day Cream for normal, dry, or sensitive skin.  Go to drhauschka.com to find out which products are right for your skin type, or do what I did: drive to Littleton, NH, which is a place well worth the trip (see previous post), and visit my skin guru, Kate, at her gallery/salon, Art to Go.  She’ll tell you exactly what you need and help you prioritize your product investments based on your current routine, your budget and your skin issues.

REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel, $55, renskincare.com

Dr. Haushka$35.95, drhauschka.com, also available locally at A Market, Newport and at Whole Foods

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