Getting back on that ole horse

I haven’t pursued drawing or painting in almost a year now.  Getting back in the art-making groove is incredibly daunting.  So to push myself a little bit, I’m taking a watercolor class at the Newport Art Museum this month.  Here are my sketches from the first class; it’s my first time putting up my artwork on HopeState.  It feels a little bit like being naked on a city street (I imagine).  But I would really appreciate constructive criticism, and I’ll keep posting my work.  (let’s hope it improves with practice).

PS, go to to see what classes you might like to take.  Their spring sessions start in early april.  I’m determined to take a wheel-throwing class.  Another saddle to climb back into….have’t done ceramics since my sophomore year of highschool!

One thought on “Getting back on that ole horse

  1. Caroline,
    These are so beautiful! You are inspiring me to get back into it as well. I have a huge sketch pad under my bed that is begging to be drawn upon. I want to take a class too. Keep posting pictures!

    xoxoxo Mer-Mer

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