This Denim Thing

Who predicted this one: Canadian Tuxedos (that’s an all-denim outfit, typically in three pieces, for those not in the know) are cool again?!?  Moreover, denim made a real comeback in general at the spring shows, manifesting itself in a variety of forms such as dresses, ballet flats and suiting separates.  Suddenly the working-man’s fabric takes on a connotation of luxury that goes beyond those silly designer dungarees that people have been paying 200 bucks for (really, give Levi’s a try.  Or go to a consignment store for discounted fancy-pants denim).  Curious, very curious.

Stella McCartney, SS 2011, Vogue China

I have mixed feelings about trends, but I won’t digress on the matter.  What I like about this particular trend is that it’s pushing designers across the board to play and experiment with the same basic material.  It reminds me of the exercises in my Hybrid Art class at Brown where my professor had us all make ‘art’ out of the same material that no one had much experience in, such as tin foil or pizza dough.  It sort of puts everyone on the same starting line, and you get to see how different interpretations take off from there.

Dries Van Noten, SS 2011,

I also like this trend because I like denim.  And the nice thing about trends is that suddenly many different versions of said style become available at a variety of price ranges.  I am also hopeful that it will redefine the entrenched mindset towards denim, which doesn’t look upon the fibers as particularly dressy.  Will denim one day have a right to appear in the office??? Let’s hope.

Stella McCartney, SS 2011,

Well, I got so excited about all the denim-y things popping up in stores that I was eager to partake.  At first, I fell in love with this shirt from J.Crew.  I like that it takes a classic, menswear-inspired shirt and gives it a cute, girly twist by adding a heart shaped pocket.  I wear too many manly shirts.  I thought this would be good for me.

Photo from

However, at $98, it turned out it was not good for me.  Still determined, I remembered seeing a fantastic vintage denim number at Style Week Providence on my friend Sarah, who was modeling that night (thus crazy hair and makeup).  I think I had seen something like this before and been told it was an Amish jacket.  In any event, it has simple, chinese frog-style buttons on it, which makes all the difference.

All of these inspirational things led me to one of my major vices,  All I had to do was search ‘denim frogs’ and voila!  I found this vintage Brooks Brothers top for a mere $15 at Cabbage & Quail.  Woohoo!  Ironic that, despite all the new denim stuff out there, I still gravitate towards vintage.  I envision it tucked into my new-old Max Mara navy wool trousers (Karma Boutique, Newport) with a brown leather belt at the waist and cool heels.  I am determined to make denim work in a fancy way.  It’s just time.

Photo from Cabbage & Quail,

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