big blue sky, little blue stitches

Toiny Beach was a great place to sunbathe, throw rocks and jump up and down, but that rock reef just behind me was covered in black sea urchins!  Couple that with Anse de Toiny’s strong currents and you get one of the most dangerous swimming, best surfing and most deserted beaches on St. Barths.  It was right near the house that I was staying at, so it made a wonderful place to go for a quiet afternoon.

I’m wearing a refurbished grandmother hand-me-down, a white cotton tunic with incredible blue embroidery.  It was about two feet longer when she gave it to me, and we both agreed the hem had to go WAY up to be hip.  My granny’s pretty cool.  I added a white and grey striped sash from another dress to give it shape and a sort of graphic quality.  All in all, it’s among my closet favorites.

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