StyleWeek Providence and the little camera that could

My D-SLR camera is in the shop; the shutter wiring (i think) broke just in time for StyleWeek, where I am working with Kettlebottom Productions to film a documentary about StyleWeek Providence and its creator, Rosanna Ortiz Sinel.  For most of the shows, I am too busy panning about with the video camera at the end of the runway to think about taking my own pictures or even appreciate the clothes!  I did, however, get a chance during Jess Abernethy‘s show and felt a touch silly standing in the press pit, where large and lovely cameras were clicking away, with my little electric blue Cannon Elph and the happy digital pinging sounds of its autofocus and shutter button echoing about in time to bumping runway remixes.  I’m not altogether displeased with the results, however it’s a bit grainy, mister Elph insisted on shooting at a high ISO given that I refused to allow the flash to run.  Here is a favorite look:

I’m very intrigued by this classy shirt dress silhouette with the surprise of an open back.  It’s just the right amount of sexy, and finds that subtle balance between showing enough skin that the dress would fit in on a night out, but not so much skin that it would be inappropriate at a more formal function.  Something to think about the next time you invest in a dress…how well will this piece be able to slide between the different arenas of my life?  I’m all about multi-taskers, which is why I purchased this dress on SUPER sale at LaGarç right after christmas (see below, image source:  Its a lovely Vena Cava number with a similar cut-out back and a flattering neckline that has the potential to do well under a cardigan (for those REALLY conservative events).  Plus it’s stretch jersey, so it passes my comfort test.

Now all I need is some warm weather so I can wear it!  For complete coverage of the shows and all their looks, check out Michael Cress’s blog, the NY Sartorialist.  I met Mike in ‘the pit’ and have had a great time chatting with him about all things fashion and photography, and he also has an interesting take on the fashion industry’s perpetuation of the rail thin model.

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