The Breakfast


I live for pancake breakfasts.  They are a time honored tradition in my home.  Birthday breakfasts, send-off breakfasts, house guest breakfasts, eat-the-whole-batch-alone breakfasts… the list goes on.

Needless to say, I’m pretty picky about my pancakes.  I need REAL maple syrup, lots of butter, a cool glass of pulpy OJ, and pan cooked bacon to complement those little guys right, and on top of that, I need booze.

Yep, you heard me.  My grandfather was the one who taught me to add a little oj and a dash of spiced rum to the mix to give it flavor and thin the batter (NOT a fan of doughiness).

Here is my recipe, which is a variation of my grandfather’s (he used Aunt Jemima’s dry mix, I prefer to make mine from scratch) and is based off of the Fannie Farmer cookbook recipe.  I’ve been making this since I was about 9 years old:


•3/4 cup of milk

•2 tablespoons butter, melted

•1 egg

•1 cup white flour

•2 teaspoons baking powder

•2 tablespoons sugar

•1/2 teaspoon salt


Fannie suggests mixing the dry and wet ingredients independently, and then adding them together all at once.

Once mixed, I add:


•about 1/4 cup OJ

•about 1/8 cup Mount Gay spiced rum

•a dash of vanilla extract

•a dash of ground cloves


The thinner the batter, the less your pancakes will rise.  I suggest cutting the batter slowly, maybe even cooking a few pancakes as you go so that you get the consistency you want!  It is possible to water it down too much- you don’t want it to feel like crêpe batter.

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