wedding dressing

Here it is, the contents of my suitcase!  The NH wedding is this weekend and I’m (almost) done packing.  Apparently I need to iron those shorts once more, though.  I LOVE/HATE LINEN!!!  Prepare to be starched, you pesky things.

It wasn’t easy getting here, let me tell you, but I had fun doing it and I had a TON of success at the vintage and consignment stores on the island.  (you know, it’s always so hit or miss, but every store I went to this week was BRINGING IT.  IN MY SIZE.)  Here were my dilemmas in packing for this family event: I wanted to look good (come on, you never know who you are going to meet at a wedding!), but also had to accept the fact that I’ll probably just be hanging out with my grandmother, aunts and uncles for most of the weekend.  In other words, body-con dresses: pretty much out.  Plus, I had to interpret the meaning of ‘cocktail’ attire on the invitation, realizing that the word probably entails different things on the Vermont/New Hampshire border than it does in Newport.  So here’s what I’ve got for the various events on the itinerary:

Rehearsal Dinner (clambake, casual dress):

Dress: C & C California.  Because it’s black, it looks fancier than its t-shirt fabric identity and it won’t show dirt.  The maxi length will help keep bugs at bay, and the shibori (traditional Japanese) style tie-dye pattern around the bottom makes it unique.

Jacket: Denim Gap motorcycle jacket

Shoes: olive green Keds slip ons

Bag: vintage Coach bag (snagged on, which looks a lot like the new “it bag” (uggg, I can’t believe I just wrote that, but her bags are beautiful) from Celine

Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses

Necklace: shell, pearl and leather necklace from my jewelry line, SALT.

Wedding (7pm ceremony, Coat and Tie):

Dress and Belt: vintage, from Closet/Vintage Revival, Newport

Blazer: Norma Kamali sweatshirt blazer (bought last year at Second Time Around, Providence)

Bag: Nordstrom cranberry quilted leather bag (à la Chanel)

Shoes: ivory espadrilles from Brooks Brother’s

To jazz up the look and tie the bag in, I bought a new lipstick by Julie Hewett in a deep red called Coco Noire at The Apothecary, Newport.  Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock for my grandmother!

Possible Sunday Brunch or other event requiring nice clothes:

(you never know with these weekend-long affairs)

Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and say that this look is almost COMPLETELY inspired by the label Chloé, which is one of my all time favorites.  In almost every season, you can be sure to see tailored shorts or trousers that sit high on the hip with a square-shaped silk blouse that really hangs off the shoulders, tucked in, with strappy brown leather shoes and a simple tan leather bag.  Both the shorts and the blouse are J.Crew: I found the top at Wish, the new consignment store on lower Thames Street, and the shorts are an old favorite which will be thoroughly starched before I leave.  The earthy color palette is pretty evocative of the Chloé line as well, but the touch of red is more my style (I add red accents to most of my art pieces too!).  I scored the belt today for six bucks at Quality Consigner at the Almy Village in Portsmouth.  It’s real leather and fits around my high hip.  What a pain to need three different sizes of belts: waist, high hip and low hip, but for so little money I can’t really complain!  My gladiators are from Sundance Catalog.

And here’s a closeup of one of my necklaces from SALT.  I love the blouse’s color and texture as a backdrop!

Other than that, it’s comfy tees (sage green tee by Splendid, available at Chace N’ Lulu, Newport), Levi’s cut-off shorts, a j.crew swimsuit and my paisley sarong (bought in Marseille) for all the exploring, swimming, and relaxing I plan to do.  Plus a big tote to carry all my crap (see below):

In my bag (which I made from scrap fabric), I’ve got my reading covered (Vogue and Tender is the Night, both total guilty pleasures.  The book is so perfect for vacations and feeling like you are living the high life!), a Moleskine sketchbook and india ink pens, my vintage Brahmin wallet (12 bucks at Quality Consigner), camera, ipod, blackberry, sunglasses, Hope State Style cards which I made with old RI postcards and my grandfather’s typewriter and carry around in a vintage french medical supply tin (Eyelant Antiques, Block Island), Neutrogena Dry-Touch knock-off sunscreen (CVS Pharmacy), Morrocanoil light formula, homeopathic eye drops from A Market, Essie for J.Crew nail polish, Korres Guava Lipstick in Natural Pink (I’m hooked!), Dr. Hauschka concealer (a necessity for a weekend of celebrating), Pangea Organics Lavender and Cardamon chap stick, my red lipstick, J. Crew tortoise shell hair clips and more SALT jewelry!  Whew!

One more thing:  here are the two new albums on my ipod that I will be listening to on the car ride up!  Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album IRM, and The National’s latest, High Violet.

3 thoughts on “wedding dressing

  1. I love all of this! You are such an excellent packer. And I love the jewelry and the name SALT! Beautiful work, Coco :)

  2. caroline (middle name) goddard, you should be a photo shoot designer. that first shot could be in a j.crew catalogue. wowzers

    p.s. is SALT yours?

  3. Coco you should be a professional catalogue photographer – you are amazing! Also I want that shell necklace with the pearl, will you make me one? What’s your charge? ;-) SALT, very Angelina Jolie right now, does it stand for anything?

    Miss you! Hugs from LA

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