wedding dressing

Here it is, the contents of my suitcase! ¬†The NH wedding is this weekend and I’m (almost) done packing. ¬†Apparently I need to iron those shorts once more, though. ¬†I LOVE/HATE LINEN!!! ¬†Prepare to be starched, you pesky things.

It wasn’t easy getting here, let me tell you, but I had fun doing it and I had a TON of success at the vintage and consignment stores on the island. ¬†(you know, it’s always so hit or miss, but every store I went to this week was BRINGING IT. ¬†IN MY SIZE.) ¬†Here were my dilemmas in packing for this family event: I wanted to look good (come on, you never know who you are going to meet at a wedding!), but also had to accept the fact that I’ll probably just be hanging out with my grandmother, aunts and uncles for most of the weekend. ¬†In other words, body-con dresses: pretty much out. ¬†Plus, I had to interpret the meaning of ‘cocktail’ attire on the invitation, realizing that the word probably entails different things on the Vermont/New Hampshire border than it does in Newport. ¬†So here’s what I’ve got for the various events on the itinerary:

Rehearsal Dinner (clambake, casual dress):

Dress: C & C California. ¬†Because it’s black, it looks fancier than its t-shirt fabric identity and it won’t show dirt. ¬†The maxi length will help keep bugs at bay, and the shibori (traditional Japanese) style tie-dye pattern around the bottom makes it unique.

Jacket: Denim Gap motorcycle jacket

Shoes: olive green Keds slip ons

Bag: vintage Coach bag (snagged on, which looks a lot like the new “it bag” (uggg, I can’t believe I just wrote that, but her bags are beautiful) from Celine

Sunglasses: Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses

Necklace: shell, pearl and leather necklace from my jewelry line, SALT.

Wedding (7pm ceremony, Coat and Tie):

Dress and Belt: vintage, from Closet/Vintage Revival, Newport

Blazer: Norma Kamali sweatshirt blazer (bought last year at Second Time Around, Providence)

Bag: Nordstrom cranberry quilted leather bag (à la Chanel)

Shoes: ivory espadrilles from Brooks Brother’s

To jazz up the look and tie the bag in, I bought a new lipstick by Julie Hewett in a deep red called Coco Noire at The¬†Apothecary, Newport. ¬†Hopefully it won’t be too much of a shock for my grandmother!

Possible Sunday Brunch or other event requiring nice clothes:

(you never know with these weekend-long affairs)

Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and say that this look is almost COMPLETELY inspired by the label Chlo√©, which is one of my all time favorites. ¬†In almost every season, you can be sure to see tailored shorts or trousers that sit high on the hip with a square-shaped silk blouse that really hangs off the shoulders, tucked in, with strappy brown leather shoes and a simple tan leather bag. ¬†Both the shorts and the blouse are J.Crew: I found the top at Wish, the new consignment store on lower Thames Street, and the shorts are an old favorite which will be thoroughly starched before I leave. ¬†The earthy color palette is pretty evocative of the Chlo√© line as well, but the touch of red is more my style (I add red accents to most of my art pieces too!). ¬†I scored the belt today for six bucks at Quality Consigner at the Almy Village in Portsmouth. ¬†It’s real leather and fits around my high hip. ¬†What a pain to need three different sizes of belts: waist, high hip and low hip, but for so little money I can’t really complain! ¬†My gladiators are from Sundance Catalog.

And here’s a closeup of one of my necklaces from SALT. ¬†I love the blouse’s color and texture as a backdrop!

Other than that, it’s comfy tees (sage green tee by Splendid, available at Chace N’ Lulu, Newport), Levi’s cut-off shorts, a j.crew swimsuit and my paisley sarong (bought in Marseille) for all the exploring, swimming, and relaxing I plan to do. ¬†Plus a big tote to carry all my crap (see below):

In my bag (which I made from scrap fabric), I’ve got my reading covered (Vogue and Tender is the Night, both total guilty pleasures. ¬†The book is so perfect for vacations and feeling like you are living the high life!), a Moleskine sketchbook and india ink pens, my vintage Brahmin wallet (12 bucks at Quality Consigner), camera, ipod, blackberry, sunglasses, Hope State Style cards which I made with old RI postcards and my grandfather’s typewriter and carry around in a vintage french medical supply tin (Eyelant Antiques,¬†Block Island), Neutrogena Dry-Touch knock-off sunscreen (CVS Pharmacy), Morrocanoil light formula, homeopathic eye drops from A Market, Essie for J.Crew nail polish, Korres Guava Lipstick in Natural Pink (I’m hooked!), Dr. Hauschka concealer (a necessity for a weekend of celebrating), Pangea Organics Lavender and Cardamon chap stick, my red lipstick, J. Crew tortoise shell hair clips and more SALT jewelry! ¬†Whew!

One more thing: ¬†here are the two new albums on my ipod that I will be listening to on the car ride up! ¬†Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album IRM, and The National’s latest, High Violet.