I just tried this Dr. Hauschka product for the first time, and let me just say, YES.  This is worth the money.  It smells like a wintry forest and immediately transported me to that snowed-in, cozy and peaceful state of mind.  It can be used in the bath or as a hot compress on the face (mix a drop in a bowl of warm water, use to wet a face cloth and then hold the cloth over your face.  It will also cleanse the skin when used this way).  The essential oils of Norwegian Spruce (Picea excelsa) clear the airways, encourage deep breathing, alleviate emotional distress and physical exhaustion (I should travel with this!), and bring a radiant, vital glow to pale, tired skin.  If you’d rather make this on your own, just buy a bottle of Spruce essential oil and add a few drops to the bath, only beware of applying it to your face: even in the form of a compress, the oils are extremely strong and can burn the skin.  This is why I think this product is worth the money, because it is so heavenly held up to the airways, and the oils have been diluted for that reason.

Dr. Hauschka Spruce Bath, $32.95

Go to to find a retailer near you.

One thought on “BLISS

  1. oh caroline, i’m so glad you’re blogging. i hadn’t checked in a while, and i was overcome with posts! you’ve added so much to my reading list :)

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