I’m back in the shop at Sayles Livingston Flowers (sayleslivingstonflowers.com) for the week, helping make arrangements for weddings happening around RI this weekend.  Here is some of the raw material we’re working with.  For a really interesting read on the floriculture (cut flower) industry in an enjoyable, journalistic style similar to Michael Pollan, check out Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart.  I actually couldn’t put the book down and used it in a research paper for my independent study in horticulture at Brown.

One thought on “Flora

  1. I love these flowers, caroline! such a beautiful reminder that summer is in full swing- that’s awesome that you are doing professional floral arrangements! And I’ll have to pick up that book…I’ve been trying to get myself to be more innovative this summer…hopefully I’ll be able to cultivate a greener thumb before summer ends.

    I also wanted to let you know that I posted you on my blog! I hope you check it out and pass it along to another blogger :)


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