my newest garden is in my window

So I haven’t been blogging lately because I have been sewing.  My senior art show, a collection of quilts, is finally up in List, and the closing reception is this thursday from 5-8.  Pictures soon to come.  Now I have time to breath, and go to  the beach, and blog!

Above are my window gardens.  The first is the succulent garden, rather precariously situated on a piece of driftwood balanced across a family heirloom that has been out of commission for a century or so.  I rescued it from our basement, and LOVE the silhouette of the broken shield back splat against the window light.  The plants are: two species of cactus, unfortunately Island Garden Shoppe didn’t have the names, three cuttings from Libby’s jade plant (also called rubber tree), which I just stuck into potting soil and water frequently to get them to root out, and another kind of jade plant which has trichomes (hairs) and less succulent leaves, I’ve never seen one before!  The last image is my rock garden.  I pick up rocks wherever I go, and these are a small portion of the collection, mostly from the beach in Greece and Provence.  Aren’t they beautiful?

One thought on “my newest garden is in my window

  1. I love it! As you know, I collect rocks too, I pick them up at practically every beach I go to :) My roommate thinks I’m silly but I think they’re beautiful!

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