Farm Fresh

Photos from my day working on Rosasharn Farm ( in Rehoboth, MA with my sustainable agriculture class, and a few from my drive home (took a detour through Little Compton).   Rosasharn is a small, organically managed family farm that breeds award winning dairy goats and livestock guardian dogs, runs a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, and makes goats milk soaps.

A few details:

These pigs are working for the farm as natural roto-tillers, having a grand time digging up the old hay field looking for snacks, and in the mean time they are breaking the sod and getting the field ready for planting/ A classmate with a flat of chive sprouts, which we planted for the farm’s CSA program/ farmstead goat cheese in olive oil.  YUM/ Eleanor, holding a month-old kid named Trouble/ “Check under your vehicle 4 pets!”/ A Great Pyrenees, bred on the farm and used as a ‘livestock guardian.’  They instinctually stay with the goat herds and protect them from Coyotes/ Foil on the Brassica bed (the mustard family, which includes cabbages) which helps cool plant roots by reflecting sun and confuses pests)/ We all tried our hand at milking/ Cardboard stock pile, a good mulch that keeps the weeds down/ Ewe/ Pyrenees puppy a.k.a. distraction from farm labor … and the rest are scenes from my drive home

2 thoughts on “Farm Fresh

  1. 1. little girl + baby goat = sara cooing for hours on end
    2. ashley hartt is in that class – she’s dating my friend. ah, the web of life connecting us all

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