some things

two shots at our Hybrid Art final feast, with Kurosawa’s film Dreams playing on the wall/ house in Tiverton/ scale in Tockwotton/ aftermath of a Hybrid critique/ a shot from my Night Shoots photography class at the Newport Art Museum/ view from the stage door at VMA/ at a red light/ Inca in my garden/ a precious Arlando moment in the Giving Room/ an American lunch/ produce at Not Just Spices, and Indian market on Hope Street in Providence/ part of Sara’s and my final piece for Hybrid.

my newest garden is in my window

So I haven’t been blogging lately because I have been sewing. ¬†My senior art show, a collection of quilts, is finally up in List, and the closing reception is this thursday from 5-8. ¬†Pictures soon to come. ¬†Now I have time to breath, and go to ¬†the beach, and blog!

Above are my window gardens. ¬†The first is the succulent garden, rather precariously situated on a piece of driftwood balanced across a family heirloom that has been out of commission for a century or so. ¬†I rescued it from our basement, and LOVE the silhouette of the broken shield back splat against the window light. ¬†The plants are: two species of cactus, unfortunately Island Garden Shoppe didn’t have the names, three cuttings from Libby’s jade plant (also called rubber tree), which I just stuck into potting soil and water frequently to get them to root out, and another kind of jade plant which has trichomes (hairs) and less succulent leaves, I’ve never seen one before! ¬†The last image is my rock garden. ¬†I pick up rocks wherever I go, and these are a small portion of the collection, mostly from the beach in Greece and Provence. ¬†Aren’t they beautiful?

RISD Apparel Collection 2010 Show

It’s my favorite time of year again! ¬†The annual RISD apparel show is this Saturday, May 22 with a 2pm preview (cheaper tickets, people!) and the main show at 7 at the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Providence. ¬†It’s a chance to see undergraduate apparel students’ work in a formal, (but fun) fashion show setting. ¬†It’s the real deal, with lights, music, hair, makeup and some fierce cat-walking. ¬†For more information, go to, and to buy tickets in advance (also cheaper).

And, they’ve finally posted video clips from last years show on the page. ¬†To see the killer pant suit I wore, check out:

Farm Fresh

Photos from my day working on Rosasharn Farm ( in Rehoboth, MA with my sustainable agriculture class, and a few from my drive home (took a detour through Little Compton).   Rosasharn is a small, organically managed family farm that breeds award winning dairy goats and livestock guardian dogs, runs a CSA (community supported agriculture) program, and makes goats milk soaps.

A few details:

These pigs are working for the farm as natural roto-tillers, having a grand time digging up the old hay field looking for snacks, and in the mean time they are breaking the sod and getting the field ready for planting/ A classmate with a flat of chive sprouts, which we planted for the farm’s CSA program/ farmstead goat cheese in olive oil. ¬†YUM/ Eleanor, holding a month-old kid named Trouble/ “Check under your vehicle 4 pets!”/ A Great Pyrenees, bred on the farm and used as a ‘livestock guardian.’ ¬†They instinctually stay with the goat herds and protect them from Coyotes/ Foil on the Brassica bed (the mustard family, which includes cabbages) which helps cool plant roots by reflecting sun and confuses pests)/ We all tried our hand at milking/ Cardboard stock pile, a good mulch that keeps the weeds down/ Ewe/ Pyrenees puppy a.k.a. distraction from farm labor … and the rest are scenes from my drive home