Dear Fashionable Friends,

The Spanish clothing company Zara is a great place to find forward-thinking design at reasonable prices (especially on their sale racks).  For whatever reason, Europeans are able to co-opt runway style in their mass-market labels at a much faster rate than any American stores do, so it is to them that I look when I want that trendy je ne sais quoi.  Their style is much more sophisticated (and the clothes better made) than H&M, and they have more US stores than TOPSHOP, my other go-to european brand (who’s only 2 shops are both in NYC).  Zara has great look-books on their website, but you have to check out their stores to buy.  I love my leather jacket, which I found after Christmas in New York, despite having to fight through heaps of discounted clothing and frenzied bargain-hunters to get it.  Like any hip clothing store, I’m extremely choosy when I walk in (Leather shorts?  Really?), and always water down the trendier things with classics, vintage hand-me-downs, and personal favorites so that I don’t look like a walking advertisement.  Go to for stores.  Unfortunately, the powers that be in Spain have not yet deemed Rhode Island a market worth their investment, however there are 4 in the state of Massachusetts.

Happy Styling!


One thought on “ZARA

  1. I used to shop there a lot when I lived in NYC. I also loved Club Monaco… kind of a similar vein to what you’ve described. Incredible sales racks. – AMG

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