Made With Love

These Bracelets, which come in a variety of colors and sizes, are made from recycled rubber by women in Djenné, Mali and are sold at fair trade prices.  Bracelet sales also help raise money for L’Empire Des Enfants, a school for homeless children in Dakar, Senegal.

Buy them online at

Or, pick and choose your own set by shopping locally at Frog and Toad, Hope Street, Providence.  ($1 each)

I just picked out a set of blue ones and LOVE them!  They make terrific gifts as well.  Just beware, the sizes aren’t really standardized, and some of them are VERY small.  Best to try them on individually.

The Made With Love Project seeks to empower women and children is Africa, Brazil and Haiti by selling indigenous, handmade products at fair trade prices to viable markets across the globe.  Find out more at

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