HMLTY: clothing with a cause

HMLTY is a new clothing label started in part by RISD graduates that seeks to raise awareness about a new social cause each season through clever design, an extensive blog, and partnership with organizations working towards solutions for human rights violations in specific industries.  I modeled some of the clothes from their spring line back in february (COLD!), and things are finally up and running on their website.  This line seeks to raise awareness about child labor and human trafficking associated with the Cacao (chocolate) industry in the Cote d’Ivoire, which produces over a third of the world’s chocolate. Their website provides more information about this topic.  Check it out and support the company.  HMLTY will donate 20% of the proceeds to various organizations active in the country.  My favorite item was the mens’ long sleeve green henley; it has beautiful details, including little seeds for buttons!

Men’s Cocoa Henley, $25,

2 thoughts on “HMLTY: clothing with a cause

  1. Clothes modeled by you + for a good cause = irresistible. You look so gorgeous! Sorry, I know I should be impressed by the cause (and I am!), I’m just blown away by your modeling. So confident and beautiful!

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