Cheap Tricks

In response to my highschool classmate Jackie’s comment about appreciating affordable style advice, I’m gonna share a few things that I have been doing to bring in the new season without breaking my bank:

1.  I stopped taking my shades so seriously.

A cheap but colorful pair of glasses can really make an outfit, and the cheaper they are the more you can experiment.  I know I’m behind the curve here, but I just bought Rayban Clubmaster knock-offs (sorry mr. rayban, I already have a real pair of wayfarers and that’s as much as you’re gonna get from me) for $10 at The Music Box in Newport (above).  Generally, touristy shops are fantastic places to find funky sunglasses.   Urban outfitters does pretty well too.

2. Make things

I’ve already showed you the bags and bracelets I’ve been making late at night.  Today I picked up some yacht line at West Marine at 50 cents a foot, and plan to mess around with it.  You can’t get much more summery than red, white and blue.  Nylon line works best if you use a heat knife or small soldering iron to melt the ends (prevents fraying) and to secure knot closures (melting the knot to itself keeps it from coming undone).  Here’s an idea I was just trying out.  I love the oversized proportion of the knots:

3. Sale Sleuth

Check out websites like the Gap and J.crew for online and in store promotions.  All gap shorts are 30% off from now until may first, for example.  I’m not gonna lie, I LIVE in cutoffs all summer, so I’ll be stopping there this week.

4. Be Thrifty

Pay a visit to your trusty local thrift store.  Shopping at The Salvation Army helps them help others; the store provides jobs for homeless community members and the proceeds help to run the shelter.  Look at this bag I picked up for 2 bucks there!:

4. Nail polish.

As Sara would say, find a ‘zowwy’ new color and go wild.  Jade green was all the rage on the Chanel runway this spring, but since the sold out color is going for upwards of $100 a bottle on Ebay, I will be going the plebeian route:  Essie has a very similar color for $8, and better yet, their polishes are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

‘Turquoise and Caicos’  $8,

2 thoughts on “Cheap Tricks

  1. Love the color of the walls, the white trim and the vintage photos….all which go with the wonderful striped bag. Salvation Army stores rock!

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